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Customer Service

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Best Practices for Hiring a Contractor

At ProjectSnapp we are always thinking how to keep our members safe interacting with local professionals and service providers through our service. 


We have come up with some simple guidelines to help protect yourself and ward of any unwanted people from contacting you or visiting your home or business.

1. Always verify the employee and business 

Ask for the businesses main number and schedule your appointments directly with the business owner.  Make sure the person you’re are communicating with works directly for the Business.

2. Ask for Identification 

Anytime a professional or service provider steps into your home make sure you know who the person is.  With a Company ID, Business card and Driver’s License.

 3. Visit the company website

Most reputable companies will have a website, Facebook or some sort of social media presence.  Look for ratings posted by past customers.


4. Ask for references 

Most companies that have been in business for a long time will have a list of references that you can call.  See past work they have done and call references to see if they were happy with the work they received.


5.Protect Yourself

If at any time doing a major project or exchanging a large sum of money for work:

  • Always have a contract in place with the service provider with an exact description of Licenses, Insurance and Permits needed with an itemize description of work being done.

  •  Make sure the payments are scheduled to disperse as the project progresses and passes inspection milestones.

  • Make sure the owner pays all his subcontractors and…

  • NEVER give a large sum of money upfront to do any work.  Some companies may ask between 10-15% down to cover the costs of the materials.


6. Don’t Meet Alone

Never meet someone that you haven’t verified and vetted.  Always be accompanied with someone else and never leave your property unattended.


7. Background Check

ProjectSnapp is a free listing service for projects and services.  Anytime doing major work to your home run a simple background check on the owner with many resources online.  Anyone that can’t verify who they are or refuses a background check may not be the best professional.