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Customer Service

Snap . Post . Done!

Top 10 Projects you can Snap!

Handyman - That daunting to do list that we all have but find little time do do.  Handyman are best for the smaller repairs, installs and even assembly of furniture and play equipment.  Snap a picture of your to-do list and find Handyman interested in your projects.

Tree Services - Have that nasty dead looking tree just sitting in the yard?  Snap a photo and get competitive bids to remove, trim or treat your trees.

Deck and Fence repair - Is your deck looking a little dull…Warped or split boards?  Take some pictures of the damage and get advice from a professional.  Sand and refinish to give it new life!

Organizers - We're all guilty of having a cluttered garage or basement.  Snap a photo or use our Find a Pro to locate professional garage or home organizers.  Get your car back in the garage!

Lawn Maintenance -  Take pics from all angles of your lawn, submit up to 5 photos to a pro.  If you need to provide more simply attach files in the chat and send additional snaps. 

Remodels - Thinking of the next big upgrade? Take a picture of your kitchen and bath.  Find interested contractors and set appointments to get a professional bid. 

Electrical Repairs - Need some minor electrical done?  Swapping out a light fixture or upgrading your wall and light switches.  Protect your home of fire hazards from faulty switches and outlets.

Flat work Repair - During the cold months, we start to see concrete and asphalt damage to our driveways and sidewalks.  Have some settling or cracking?  Locate a pro using our app. Call the business and schedule an appointment directly.

Appliance Repair - Did an appliance just bite the dust?  Or making strange noises?  Take a pic of the appliance and model number and appropriate pros who service that model will contact you.  Select a pro to service and rate when the work is completed.

Cabinet Refinish -  An Easy way to renew your kitchen is with cabinet refinishing or refacing.  Adding a new finish or simply swapping out the doors can give your kitchen that remodel feel.

Have some other projects in mind?  Here are some other ideas for your home…


Siding Repairs




Drywall repairs


House cleaning


Interior Decorating


Flooring Repairs and Replacement


Toilet and Plumbing Fixture replacements


Landscape and Patios


Haul Away Services


Furniture repair


Heating and Cooling repairs


Gutter Repairs


Think you have a better idea for our app… send us some feedback at info@projectsnapp.com